Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for your child's growth and development, and contribute to the building of the brain, muscles, and body. The quality and amount of proteins your child gets today can also help build a nutritional foundation for life, offering long-term advantages. You can do even more good by giving him protein that is optimized.

What is Protein that is "Optimized"?

Protein that is optimized helps reduce the risk of obesity later in life by allotting the proper protein levels needed by the child's body. It takes into account that your precious preschooler also gets protein from other sources, like his regular table food.

Optimal Weight Advantage

Protein not only contributes to your child’s growth and development, but when taken at proper levels, it helps reduce the risk of obesity and other cardiovascular-ailments later in life.

The daily recommended* protein intake for kids 4-6 years old is 38 grams per day. With NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR that has 3.5 grams of protein per glass, two servings = 7 grams = 18% of recommended protein intake, enabling 82% of the intake to come from table foods, and promoting age-appropriate weight gain for the growing child.

Every glass of NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR gives your child an optimal level of partially hydrolyzed whey proteins, known for their reduced allergenicity. The chart above compares the protein content per glass across the different growing up milk brands.

Optimal Development Advantage

A high quality, lower protein quantity supports body-building and may have long-term benefits for your child’s developing organs.

Your child's body also uses the protein he consumes to make lots of specialized protein molecules that have specific jobs. Take for example, proteins used to carry oxygen around your body, or to protect you from various diseases.

In fact, proteins play different roles, acting as transport carriers, enzymes, and even hormones.

Optimal Digestion Advantage

Partially hydrolyzed whey proteins are proteins gently broken down for reduced allergenicity and easier digestion.

These proteins are suitable for kids at risk of allergies.


DHA is an important building block of the brain and eyes. It contributes to the visual and cognitive functions of children. NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR has DHA & ARA which the brain continues to incorporate throughout childhood.*
*Important Nutrients for Brain Development, Scientific Nestle Facts Nutrition, 2011


A unique fat blend high in unsaturated fatty acids that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases later in life.


The body gets energy by consuming carbs, fat, and proteins, but for it to be fully utilized, the body will need the help of B-vitamins. Toddlers need twice as much energy per kg body weight as adults, and B-vitamins promote proper utilization of energy in the body. NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR is packed with B-vitamins and essential nutrients that make full use of this energy that your child uses as he grows, learns, and plays.


80% of the immune cells that produce antibodies that keep your child healthy and sick-free are found in the gut or intestines. Your child’s intestines are loaded with good bacteria and bad bacteria, and the more good bacteria there are in his system, the healthier and more immune and resistant he is to disease.
NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR has Bifidus BL (1x106 bifidobacterium longum) probiotics that help develop a beneficial intestinal microflora which is necessary for his immune defense.


NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR has no added sugars that can contribute to dental caries. When sugars like sucrose, fructose and corn syrup solids are not washed out from the mouth, they stay on the teeth and can produce acids that may cause tooth decay or cavities.